10 January 2010

Kangeroo Turnup Toe Shoes £40-Topshop
Boyfriend Floral Shirt £9.99
Silence + Noise Drapey High Waisted Pant £19.99
Long Sleeve Waffle Cardigan £38-all Urban Outfitters

9 January 2010

I put a lot of effort into making things look stylistically simple.
I subconsciously follow my own outfit recipe.
1.Chose an item from your wardrobe: a bag, a pair of shoes, a blazer etc. (In my case, SHOES).
2.Call this your 'Statement Piece'
3.Pay attention to detail! The most minuscule spec of gold in a buckle on your 'Statement Shoe' can be bought out in a matching bracelet therefore making your shoes more 'Statement'
4. Add a small splash of colour here and there (be classy). In this season: a dark red; pastel blue or Gothic black. Again, pay attention to detail- matching necklace and nails is always a perfect way to make an outfit look thought about and its SIMPLE!

A couple of recipe disasters:
1. Too much 'splash of colour' in one area. For example, earrings AND a necklace AND a bracelet.
2. One too many 'Statement Pieces'.
I dare you to try it: take time, think about it, find some inspiration!
Never forget: Simplicity is the best form of complication; people never accomplish the art of understanding it.